Thursday, January 10, 2013

Nigger Worship

Every year at this time I feel the need to write about Nigger worship since this is the time of year in which everyone is supposed to bow down and worship the ultimate nigger. Negroid worship extends much further than MLK however and I am simply sick of it all.

In school students are taught that MLK was nothing but a hero. In reality, he was a plagiarizing, thieving, prostitute abusing, nigger who spent his last night on Earth having sex with and physically abusing a few prostitutes. He was a Communist and many of his closest pals were well known Communist Jews. He plagiarized much of his doctoral dissertation, and he used S.C.L.C. funds to buy sex. He was simply a tool of communist Jews just like niggers today are tools in which the Jew uses to destroy us. If Whites are busy worshiping niggers and bowing to Jews, they most likely don’t have any pride and respect for their own people.

Nigger worship is a Jewish creation. The Jewish controlled media and entertainment industry constantly bombard us with nigger worship and many Whites have unfortunately bought into it because they have been forced to. Any White person who criticizes Blacks is immediately labeled a bigot, racist, or “Nazi” and most White people are not willing to take that risk. This is why I am using the term ‘nigger’ and ‘negroid’. I refuse to let the Jews dictate which words I am not allowed to use. Referring to the word nigger as the “n word” is downright pathetic, as it proves just how badly the Jew has poisoned us. If we aren’t willing to say the word nigger we surely will not last much longer with the way things are going.

We have allowed the Jew to unleash niggers onto our streets so they can attack, rape, and murder our precious women while the Jewish controlled media goes out of its way to censor and many times not even cover violent crimes against Whites. The filthy Jews in the media glorify race mixing, especially if it is a Black man/White woman, while statistics prove that a White woman is much more likely to be murdered by a Simian boyfriend/husband than a White one. What do you think is more dangerous for a White female? Walking down a street at night in a nigger neighborhood or walking into a chimp’s pen at a zoo? If Negroids are about 13% of the U.S. population and if male Negroids make up half that number, that means that 6.5% of the population is responsible for the majority of the violent crime in the United States and much of it is committed against Whites. This is going on in our country but I am not supposed to use the word nigger?

The Jew media likes to trot out the rare Negroid with a PhD and put Nigger athletes up on pedestals to try and take the attention away from the fact that Niggers have never contributed anything substantial to the United States except for violent crime and AIDS. The Negroids who have never committed a crime do not make up for the destruction that Negroids have done to the United States and never will. As a race they are genetically incapable of creating and sustaining anything the White man has ever done. This is why multiracial nations have never been successful and never will be.

It cannot be stated enough that Negroids are merely tools of the Jews for our destruction. MLK was not a hero. He was just your average nigger who was managed by our eternal enemy and he has become the epitome of Nigger worship. The future does not look good for Whites unless we collectively oppose those who wish for our destruction. The day will come when Whites won’t be afraid to use the word ‘nigger’ and when that day comes, victory will come soon after.